Funds Raised

Magic Bus, founded in 1999, is a non-profit organisation working with 400,000 children and 9000 volunteers from marginalised communities in India.


Our programmes are primarily targeted to 8-17 year olds. We simultaneously train youth (17+ years) in the same communities as volunteer coaches who then become role models and mentors to the younger children. We also interact regularly with the community, conducting rallies, group discussions, parent meetings and cleanliness drives. All this is done in partnership with fellow NGOs, the government, community leaders and businesses to ensure sustainability. Magic Bus also builds the employability skills of young people, supports them in mapping out a career path, and then links them with employment or further education opportunities. Our programmes facilitate behavioural change and enable positive action to tackle poverty at a grassroots level.


Magic Bus will give millions of children living in poverty the opportunity to control the way they view the world, the freedom to choose the role they will play in it, and the power to define their own destiny. 


Magic Bus is committed to developing local community mentors who take children living in poverty on the journey from childhood to livelihood. Over a ten year period, our mentors work with children and parents through a weekly curriculum of sporting activities, which are used as metaphors to change behaviour in the areas of education, health, gender and livelihood. We always access existing community partnerships to ensure that young people move from poverty, and develop into young adults with greater control and choice. All Magic Bus graduates are offered the opportunity to enrol in livelihood programmes, creating at scale, a movement of competent, confident young people ready to make a significant difference to their lives